Rules and Policies

These Rules may or could be updated anytime without prior notice or Knowledge to anyone.
This Forum is an English Only Forum so we could all communication to one another easily. More Languages will be added and approved with time.

NO ADVERTISEMENT of any type is allowed on the forum categories except only on the advertisement section which cost 2000 NatCoins ( Read more about NatCoins Here )

No Vulgar Language or Insultive words (such as Crazy, Mad, Stupid etc) nor pornographic words are allowed.

Nothing in Related to Carding, Bins, Fullz, or Cracking is allowed. Only Cracking Related allow is Accounts which are allowed to be Posted as Giveaways.

Adult (18+) Contents are strictly Prohibited except to the Adult Contents Section which is only available to the higher and Paid Usergroup ( Elders, Premium)

Multiple Accounts are not allowed if found both or all Accounts will be banned and IP address might be banned also. If there's any reason to have multiple Accounts Contact Us.

Leeching (Stealing of Our Contents without Credits) is Not allowed. Anyone who does so will be banned Forever.

Commission URL Shorten Links (such as, and other similar publishers) are strictly not allowed except from our our shorten link URL which you could also earn from.

FAILURE TO ABIDE TO THE ABOVE RULES COULD LEAD TO EITHER Content Take Down, Warnings from Moderators or Admins, Banning of Accounts or IPs, Or Restricting Users.